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Protection and Security

Customer protection is our top priority. We take security seriously and take every precaution to ensure our facilities are secure and your investment is protected.

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Optimal Hardware

The latest in mining technology and programming is what keeps Space Coast Mining going! Our custom-built machines are designed for optimal mining power.

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Flexible Contracts

With both rate-of-return contracts and hashpower contracts, you can choose the length of your contract as well as how you want to be paid—either bitcoin or U.S.D.!

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Our Facilities

Distributed Network

Soon, Space Coast Mining will be expanding our mining facilities, each specializing in mining different cryptocurrencies. This innovative mining technique is coming soon, with better tech and farming methods!

Optimized Mining

Our technicians work day-in and day-out to make sure our miners are working on the latest and greatest in crypto. With excellent tech and top-notch programming, our facilities are always working on the most profitable cryptocurrency.

Cold Storage Wallet

Our facilities use the "cold storage wallet" method to keep Bitcoin stored offline and away from potential threats. We ensure low-risk, high-security management for cryptocurrency wallets.

Buy Hashpower

With Space Coast Mining you can buy hashpower directly from our miners and affiliate miners through the hashpower marketplace. Hashpower is the speed in which miners solve algorithms to generate new cryptocurrency. When you buy hashpower, you’re claiming the mining power of a miner to work on a specific cryptocurrency. Pay once to get that cryptocurrency over time as it's mined on our machines. If the price of the coin skyrockets, you made it big! It’s an inexpensive way to mine large quantities of crypto with great results and fewer costs.


Rate of Return Mining Contract

Space Coast Mining is proud to pioneer our Rate-Of-Return Mining Contract. With this contract, you select a rate of return over a period of 6, 12, or 18 months. The higher the cost of the package, the higher the return! We can achieve this by using a top-secret mix of good programming combined with economic expertise. Want to learn more?

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Watch your money grow, on the go

We are launching a smart phone app that allows you to monitor your mining contract with us with a quick press of a button. Keep checking back regularly to find out when it is coming to your smartphone.

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